Wiring for Renovations and New Custom Homes:

Back-up Generators (Fully Automatic)

GeneratorBriggs and Stratton 10 KW - Backup GeneratorA back-up power source will keep life running smoothly if you are the victim of regular power outages. We all know the frustration that can accompany a few hours, or even days, without electricity. Aside from the inconvenience, it can also be expensive as freezers defrost and food starts to spoil.

While a portable generator can help you shed some light on the subject during an outage, a back-up, or emergency power system can keep your home running the way it should.

For installation, you need the services of a qualified Master Electrician and a licensed gas fitter with an inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

Call Devoe Homes for a trouble free installation.

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Solar Power (Grid-Tie and Off-Grid)

solarWhether you have decided to install solar panels because you are going off-grid or because you want solar power to supplement hydro, we can help you plan and then provide a quality installation. We cover all aspects - procurement, mounting, electrical connection, selection and installation of inverters and batteries (if required).

There are many kinds - all installations are different.

At right is one we have done.